eCommerce Elites Mastermind is a private Facebook group that the Super Tan Brothers built so they can connect and interact with every aspiring entrepreneur who want value bombs and golden nuggets of learning. It is a great online space to learn and network with likeminded people around the world whose common interests revolve around eCommerce, Business, Social Media and Digital Marketing.

Recommended Services & Tools


Personally developed by the Super Tan Brothers themselves, Intercart is the most powerful eCommerce software created to be the ultimate game-changer in Digital marketing. Boost your revenue to an extra profit of at least 30% per day for faster scalability and growth!

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The all in one dropshipping platform that answers to every dropshipper’s needs. Super Tan Brothers uses and recommends Wiio for its dependability. With over 200 staff working behind the scenes to source products, Wiio ensures that they can meet every client’s needs. They make sourcing easy for you so you can scale as fast as possible by focusing on what you do best, marketing.

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A Done-For-You email marketing agency for eCommerce businesses everywhere. Chronos has cross-industry experience and data-driven email marketing strategies that help out businesses by boosting their total online revenue by 20% to 30% through their dedicated email marketing strategies.

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A reliable foreign exchange platform for individuals and international businesses, Worldfirst offers a smart way to collect, convert & make payments globally – perfect to every entrepreneur doing global businesses in the most reasonable pricing or margin.

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Payoneer enables millions of businesses and professionals to connect with each other and grow globally through their cross-border payments platform. They feature fast, flexible, secure and low-cost solutions so anyone can pay and get paid worldwide.

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The all-in-one eCommerce platform to start, run and grow your online business and is internationally used by every venture of all sizes use to selling online, in retail stores, or on the go.

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